>how embarrassing.

>seeing basketball players on campus is really fun for me. especially on game days.

we play texas at home tonight, and so far i’ve seen six different basketball players and one head coach. usually i try my best to throw something their way – encouragement and such – even though it’s truly about only 10% about them and 90% that i just want to be friends with the basketball team.

but today its been extremely discouraging. first, i usually sit next to jacob pullin in my 8:30. this morning as i was leaving class i said “good luck tonight bro.” turns out he had his headphones in and didn’t hear a word i said. strike one.

THE luis colon is in my 9:30. he usually sits in the back of the room though, and since i’m such a seriously great student i tend to gravitate towards the front (joke). i just sit on the other side of the room usually. anyway, today i was amped cause i was going to sit next to him and wish him good luck and maximum playing time and a career high 8 points and 2 dimes. but then he didn’t come to class. strike two.

after class i was walking to the coffee shop i am employed at to get something to drink (not coffee – i ended up getting a delicious chai). as i was walking along i saw clent, ron, and andre all walking together. it was just too intimidating and i couldn’t do it. call me a pansy, thats fine, but when three prestigious individuals are giggling – its hard to find a place to say hi. especially when they’re walking the other way and the talk to them timeframe is about 6 seconds. strikes three – five.

head coach frank martin is a regular customer at radina’s (where i work). i was in line getting my previously mentioned bev; he was in line behind me. this was just icing on the already bummed out cake. he walks in and we make eye contact. he’s in a head to toe purple sweatsuit and looks slightly goofy. i give him a head nod and say “hey frank. looking forward to the game tonight.” he said some nonsense in return about his ‘schedule being packed in july but that he could possibly fly in and take a look at the kid at some point.’
he had his EFFING bluetooth phone in his ear. i was borderline humiliated. he got his triple decaf americano and left. dangit. if i’d been working i would’ve slipped a caffeinated shot in there by ‘mistake’. give him a little extra boost for the game tonight.

bring on the cats anyway.


5 thoughts on “>how embarrassing.”

  1. >LOL!! At least you can halfway keep your cool when faced with the players. Whenever I’d see an Oregon athlete on campus or around Eugene (like spotting Bryce Taylor at Shoe-A-Holic, for instance), I would lose my breath & my control over bodily functions for a few seconds!! I was an embarassment to myself (and my husband) several times in my Oregon years! – Melissa

  2. >one time i saw luis walking 100 feet from me. and ron anderson get out of the elevator. that’s the closest i’ve gotten. but HI remember that time you saw bill in the parking lot and he nodded to you? just focus on that.

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