>I-35: Highway of Holiness.


yeah its kinda bizarre. and i’m not sure i truly think Isaiah 35 intended to hint at a highway in an undiscovered land 2000 years later. and beyond that, what does it even MEAN that the unclean will not pass over it? because clearly non-christians have both driven on it and crossed it form one half of the US to the other.

its a coincidence and a misinterpretation.

however, praying for 35 days for I-35? or taking the Gospel to some of the not-so-couth establishments on the highway? what’s wrong with that? yes, it may be radical, but its just a different approach to evangelism it seems. i guess sometimes what i fail to realize is that these people love Jesus too. and even though they may or may not have misinterpreted something, they’re still bringing Christ to the unreached. That’s great. admirable even.

and like it says in the video – not all of these people TRULY believe that I-35 = Isaiah 35. i would even venture to say that MOST of them don’t. even the lady from dallas that they interview seems somewhat fun about it. i have no problems if thats the case. i think it could be a cool ministry.

but i think we always need to be careful about turning off individuals to Christianity, and i got extremely discouraged when the owner of the strip club in dallas came on and talked about how he doesnt like it when people are forcing their beliefs on others. and while it is admirable to march into a strip club and scream for Jesus, there is always a part of me that knows that yelling at people isn’t necessarily the greatest. i dunno. there’s a fine line between evangelism and yelling.

however, overall i think this actually has potential to be an effective ministry. misinterpretation? maybe. overly forceful at times? maybe. but if done right and with the right focus – absolutely.

its really difficult for me to support this too. i have a tendency to criticize ministries – try and find what i don’t like about them rather than what i do. i think this somewhat relates to how some Christians view one another. even last week i decided i wasn’t really comfortable being affiliated with the Catholic church. i think we have a tendency to view ministries unlike our own negatively. (my motivation for not wanting to be affiliated is based on the number of Catholic college students at the bars the night of ash wednesday – not because i think they’re wrong – fasting is awesome.) i guess my point is that its important to be careful when we criticize. i like openmindedness.

“if you’re too openminded your brains might fall out.”

i have nothing to say to that rebuttal.


ps – i think cameras make them look more ridiculous than they really are. if i was praying in public and i had a camera shoved i my face recording my thoughts to God – i bet i’d panic and end up looking ridiculous too. it’d be hard to focus i bet. but anyway.

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