>top 5 study albums.

>it’s ironic that i’ve decided to throw down this post just as my academic life is no longer stressful.
last week i had tests in 4 of my 5 courses. one was a final. but as i was studying i stickied a note to myself on my mac that i needed to blog about this when i have time. and i have time. so here we go.

1. d’angelo – voodoo– probably one of the sauciest and most provocative albums anyone will ever listen to – songs like “one mo’ gin” and “feel like makin’ love”. kinda sounds like one of those situations when i find some hunny in one of my classes and ask if she wants to “study”. put on this album, and one thing leads to another…you know. jay slash kay guys. but seriously – this album gets me in the mood to focus on the task at hand. its probably just ridiculously slow tempo of the majority of the tracks, it keeps my mind going at a reasonable rate and i manage to avoid distractions. exception: in the latter half of “greatdayindamornin’/booty” i can’t help but lose track of what i’m doing and bob my head around a bit.

2. the good, the bad & the queen* – the self titled album. danger mouse mixes another winner album. this is essentially a chilled out and rapless Gorillaz album. damon from gorillaz and blur does vocals for them too – big fan right here. this cd is just jolly to me, its catchy enough that i can enjoy what i’m listening to and yet distant enough that i can still accomplish something. tracks like “the bunting song” and “behind the sun” especially help my mind stay on track without wandering. exception: the end of this cd is completely out of control and man i love it.

3. jack johnson – on and on – probably the least popular jack johnson cd as far as the public is concerned, but my favorite by far. i wish he’d focus more on his mello sound. “brushfire fairytales” and “in between dreams” are way too poppy and giddy for me. not that i don’t like them, but i feel like it’s the side of jack that sorority girls listen to – but anyway. “on and on” is legit. its catchy and there is the definite up-beat tone, but it lacks somewhat distracting tracks like “bubble toes” and “banana pancakes” – not that those songs aren’t great, but man they take away from my studying. this cd gives me jack yet he doesnt steal me from my work. its a nice compromise. exception: rodeo clowns. favorite jack johnson song. hands down. gotta pause for 2:40 so i can enjoy that business. NOTE: apparently jack johnson dropped another full album on feb 5th – “sleep through the static” – fill me in if anyone knows much about it.

4. guster – ganging up on the sun – man, this one is a stretch. i think this cd is on here solely because of track 1 “lightning rod”. by far the most mellow guster song out there…that or “ruby falls”…but i think this song is why i can focus. it just sucks me in and spits me into my school work and i love that. the rest of the album is great too keep me focused off and on too: “empire state”, “hang on” and the aforementioned “ruby falls”. exceptions: tracks 2-6. not even close to study music – hence, why it is a stretch. however, the rest of the cd is too conducive to my academics to not include it in the top cinco.

5. the wallflowers – bringing down the horse – this was high school studying, if i ever did any. i think this cd introduced the idea of studying to me at all and it was likely accidental. i was a huge fan of this cd my senior year of high school. i think my buddy dave and i found it at “half price records and tapes” for like free ninety-nine**. but this album revolutionized my schooling. granted i’m still not good at school, but i at least know what studying is at this point in my life. thats leaps and bounds*** above where i was in middle and 3/4 of high school. i rarely listen to it anymore to study (i know the lyrics too well), but it changed my life academically so not mentioning it is a crime. no exceptions here. jacob dylan ya’ll.

i think thats a dece list. yep.


* – when you look this up on amazon their name comes up as “the bad & the queen the good”
** – college dropout ref. yeah kanye. ‘ayyyy wassup guuuurl.’
*** – get pumped if you remember this place. lasted about 2 years and wasn’t half as good as discovery zone or jungle jim’s.

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