>madness: rounds 1 & 2.

>i wish i’d had the opportunity to throw up a predictions post about this years tourney, but i guess a sweet 16 post is better than nothing.

my final four:
unc over ku
ucla over texas
champ: ucla over unc

picks i’ve blown so far:
duke in the elite 8.
gtown in the elite 8.
kstate in the sweet 16.
drake over uconn in the sweet 16.

picks i’ve nailed so far:
villinova in the sweet 16.
davidson over gonzaga.
kstate over usc.

first round catholic games i missed:
miami over st. mary’s.
oklahoma over st. joe’s.
notre dame over george mason.

teams i like more since the beginning of the tourney:
texas a&m.
teams i like less since the beginning of the tourney:

most depressing post game interview award:
coach k following games against both the belmont and the wvu. after beating the #15 bruins by 1 point at the last second, mike goes on and on about how that was the best his team could play. way to give your guys a positive lift into the next game against west virginia. shocking they couldn’t pull it out.

best performer thus far: stephen curry of davidson. what a freak. the guy looks like he’s about 10 but he puts up 40 against zag and 30 against georgetown. sizzle.

biggest refereeing blunder: a&m was fouled with 4 seconds left against ucla. no call. (left) ucla went on to win by 2 (not four, the last second dunk didnt count). two free throws would’ve sent it to overtime – yikes.

biggest seeding crime: #6 oklahoma. are we joking. 4th in the big 12 with wins at baylor and texas tech to brag about – they get a bye to the second round of the big xii tourney where they are faced with a TERRIFYING 12th-seeded colorado team. and then got absolutely tossed by texas. they belong in the tourney. but not a 6. they’re in the company of marquette, usc, and purdue as other 6 seeds. not even in the same league as them. i give them a 10 seed. 8 tops.

the “how did you even make the tournament” award: #10 arizona. arizona state beat them twice during the regular season. supposedly the wildcats made the tourney cause of their strength of schedule. thats all well and good i suppose – except they didnt win any of them. (though they did beat umkc by 19 at home. watch out for the roos.)

best team in the tourney with a losing record: coppin st. 16-20 during the regular season and finished 7th in the MEAC. are we joking.

most disappointing loss: drake to western kentucky. my cousin goes to drake and i was pumped to see the bulldogs in the tourney. big time buzzkill.

teams i pretty much fail to acknowledge in the sweet 16: michigan state, washington state. what boring trips to the sweet 16 – and dont expect either to last into the elite 8.

best jeremiah johnson impression: steven hill of arkansas. (right)

most surprising upset: siena over vanderbilt. siena is a burnt crayon color. not a college.

least surprising shalacking: ucla over mississippi valley state. 70-29.
craziest “upset” picked by an espn analyst: bobby knight – #5 MSU over #4 pitt. what a nutter.
most disappointing thing about kstate’s loss to wiscosin: i can’t happily wear one of my favorite tshirts anymore. unless wisconsin goes on to beat ku for the final four. then i can wear my badgers tee with pride.
number of kstate players who showed up against usc: 4.
number of kstate players who showed up against wisc: 2.

number of ron andersons on the front of usa today this week: 1.

anyway. there’s a handful of thoughts there. i’ll wrap this up until the final four probably.
eh. probably not. crossies.


somehow my spacing changed halfway through my post. haven’t the slightest why.
it kinda bugs me. but i’m kinda lazy. so i’m kinda gonna leave it as is.

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