>the magician’s nephew.

>my ever-so-generous grandparents sent me a gift card to target for my birthday, so i went searching for something great. at first i was going to purchase common’s latest cd but decided against it. then i was going to purchase some new drawls but they didnt have what i wanted. then i started looking at the best selling books section but since i decided i didnt need a self-help book, a sudoku book, or ‘skinny bitch in the kitch.’

but then i saw the chronicles of narnia complete set on the bottom shelf. so solid. i’ve never read any of them and i’ve been wanting to for so long. especially since prince caspian is coming out this summer i felt like now was the time. i debated whether to read them in order of publication or chronologically, so i got online to find out what c.s. lewis thought himself. i guess he never intended to write more than just one book, they just kept coming. so he supposes the chronologically makes the most sense now. so i went with that.

after reading The Magician’s Nephew i’ve come to three conclusions about c.s. lewis:

1. he can describe made up feelings and events so well – like what it’s like to warp to other places, or what it feels like on Charn, or how exactly animals grow out of the ground.
2. he very well could’ve written a book of the Bible – like Job or one of the narrative OT books.
3. he was probably so stinkin goofy.

MN turns into a version of the creation story kind of – well, that of Narnia at least. He lays down the mapwork for how the Witch gets there, how Narnia comes into existence, and how the humans work their way into the land. he establishes (beautifully i must say) everything that is to come. and oh man will it come.

his portrayal of Aslan is just perfect, and the whole time i’m just kicking myself that i haven’t picked up these books earlier. how can anyone dislike what he’s laid down here? its beautiful and so true.

anyway. i’m thrilled to get deeper into the series. the best is yet to come and i know it. but i gotta wrap this up cause i’m already on page 25 of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.


ps – favorite line: “pooh! grown-ups are always coming up with uninteresting explanations!”
– digory kirke.

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