>#14 in your scorecard, #1 in your heart.

>you may notice that i’ve included a john buck stat tracker on my sidebar to the right. that way we can all follow the greatness together.

my likely-to-be conservative preseason predictions:

Avg: .304
RBI: 94
HR: 27

two hits and a run scored on opening day. just another day at the office for mr. incredible.


ps. i also have a goal of 20 royals games this summer. thats a quarter of the home games. let me know if you want to go. i always will.

2 thoughts on “>#14 in your scorecard, #1 in your heart.”

  1. >buck doesn’t need roids!!! buck is the cream and the clear wrapped together and pasted on 1987 arnold schwarzeneggar. yes, i know i misspelled that but i don’t care.ps. royals, denny’s, justice. it’s happening.

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