>into the fountains.

>just want to make sure everyone notices the addition to mr. incred’s stat tracker to the right.
it landed in the fountains in left center. what a bomb.
first of many big flies for johnny b.

and tomorrow night is buck night.
and we all know why they call it that.


3 thoughts on “>into the fountains.”

  1. >dude. i totally came to your blog tonight for the specific purpose of commemorating john buck’s first home run of the season. and amazingly you had a whole post for it. kudos. and yes, we took the series against the yankees. sweep? pettite vs. bale? um…isn’t it supposed to rain tomorrow???holler buck night! of course it’s supposed to be 30 degrees and snowy, but who’s that gonna stop?

  2. >i loved buck’s quote at the end of the Star’s recap of the game…“I got all of it,” Buck said, “but I was running hard when I hit it. I watched it for just a second, but it was raining and the wind was blowing in, and I told myself you’d better get going. I’m not fast enough to make up for not running hard.”

  3. >yeah buck.so i am subscribed/involved in this thing on igoogle called “google reader” which basically means i get on and click “reader” and get to read different updates on whatever sites i’m subscribed to. for example: WebMD, National Geographic, Discovery Health and adam paul. So I hadn’t been on there in awhile…i had 21 blog posts of yours to read. This is what i’m doing instead of studying for my history exam. I didn’t read most of the sports/draft ones. But regardless, they make me miss you and i hope i get to see you Saturday.right now i’m listening to Christmas music and being way too sentimental about “being a sophomore.” Your sister is la-haaa-me.my favorite blog (maybe): the plaid one “howdy” and SO sad about Sonic and slushes. Um…isn’t that what they’re known for? idiots.OKAY gotta study. bah.i hope your paper ended up GREAT.

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