>here’s a handful of things that i feel i need to address quickly in one post as opposed to trying to put out a handful of unnecessarily pitiful ones. not because i dont want to devote an entire post to each of them, but life continues to happen and john buck continues to impress – so i fall behind on these other non-in-the-moment blogs.

so enjoy a list blog of things i feel inclined to bring to your attention.

1. i have completed the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. i finished it easily within a day. what an obviously great image of Jesus. its an incredible book – ridiculously well written. it reminded me of a video we watched at the hillcrest easter performance a few weeks back called “sunday’s comin” which i have generously linked here. pretty powerful i think.

2. baseball has started. this means 162+ moments of excitement. i have the following goals: 20 games. at least 2 of which are at stadiums other than Kauffman (which now boasts what i’m told is the largest HD screen in the world). i’m getting a head start tomorrow and saturday in kc. friday night buck night and saturday night billy butler powder blue replica jersey night. holler.

3. i feel like my excitement to blog is directly proportional with my excitement to get up every morning. as you may or may not have noticed (i don’t know how committed of a frequenter you are), i’ve been blogging a lot lately. every day i get closer to summer the more excited i get.

4. an interesting event happened on tuesday that countered the last sentence in point three. one of my professors (the same one i’ve posted an email from in the past) sent me another lovely email telling “all” that our final wasn’t on tuesday, but was on friday afternoon of finals week. this means i’m in manhattan an additional two days, so although tuesday went by wonderfully, i recorded a -1 in my count down to summer.

5. wheel of fortune is the best thing ever.

6. relish won the hot dog race in the royals’ home opener. jumped out of the gate early and just continued to pull away. just an statement for the rest of the season to come. ketchup and mustard don’t stand a chance.

7. also my watch broke. sigh.


6 thoughts on “>smorgasbord.”

  1. >a john buck fan, eh?good choice.kansas city royals = World Series Champs 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013…and on.Believe.

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