>so three nights ago i went to the establishment formerly known as “america’s drive-in”. maybe it still is called that, but i think they’re probably getting better business with their new set of commercials (the ones with the two guys. the ones with the girl aren’t really funny).

i wasn’t hungry – i just wanted a fruity non-alcoholic beverage to wet my whistle. i’d been sitting at home reading and eating out of my gallon carton of goldfish for about two hours solid. side note: finished the gallon today – it took roughly three weeks. but i was thirsty.

i made my decision in record time. sonic is typically my worst nightmare – i’m possibly the most miserable decision maker in the world. this does not mean that i’m usually not pleased with my final result – when i pick its fine. it’s just that my ability to actually make a decision at all is pitiful. i’ve had countless conversations with various friends that went as follows:

various friend: so where do you want to eat?
me: eh. i dunno…
vf: well what sounds good?
me: anything. up to you.
vf: you were the one who thought to get food.
me: no kidding. i’m hungry.
vf: well then where do you want to eat?
me: uhhhhm….
vf: chipotle?
me: YES.

i’ve burned countless gallons of gas this way. i dont really make decisions. i think it’s because i dont want to come up with something that the other person doesnt approve of. i’m very sensitive like that. that is two sentences in a row ending in a preposition.

ANYWAY. sonic. so i’m there. i’m at the drive thru and i’m thinking and thinking. there are two cars in front of me, so this helped me actually narrow my decision from 168,000 to 1. turns out that 1 wasn’t a choice in the 168,000. i knew i wanted a fresh fruit slush, but i didnt want the lemon berry slush. or the lime, or a berry. i wanted a LIME BERRY. that does not exist on the sonic menu. so i settled for a lemon berry slush. and, as is customary at the drive thru, a conversation ensued:

drive thru operator: welcome to sonic. order when you’re ready.
me: i’m so ready! i’ll take a lemon berry slush please.
dto: uh. i’m sorry. we’re out of slushes.
me: …
dto: sir? hello?
me: you’re what? out of-
dto: slushes, yes sir.

wow. are you kidding me? how is it even possible for this to happen? they’ve managed to run out of crushed ice, water, and ALL fruit flavors? thats ridiculous. that’d be like dairy queen runing out of ice cream. or panera running out of bagels. it just doesnt happen. and of all the times to get gypped*! the one time that i can order at sonic without being completely uncertain in my order i get shot down.

dto: can i get you anything else sir?
me: uh. nope. ouch.

moral of the story:
never get excited about anything. you can never be let down.


* – i was not aware it was spelled this way until writing this post. i tried “jipped” first but it was clearly underlined in red.

edit: i went to the daras instead. thats the gas station by my house.

5 thoughts on “>sonic.”

  1. >I cannot tell you much I relate!Do you take forever at the grocery store? Because I can literally spend 5 minutes debating about which pasta sauce to get…ask a random stranger walking by their opinion…finally make a selection…then change my mind five aisles later, run back and choose a new one.Also, I LOVE the Sonic commercials. (with the two guys. Obviously. –Don’t you bring that weak tot action!)

  2. >um…that’s “HOW much I relate”…I realize you could make that conclusion on your own but the editor in me just can’t leave well enough alone.

  3. >i think you should know that sonic will combine any combination of syrups that you would like. assuming they havent changed their policy in the last 3 years. do you know what also would have been good in that situation? sitting outside QT drinking our drinks and talking to motown.nick

  4. >reminds me of a donald miller quote: the best way to root fear out of your life is to want nothing.yeah, that works.sonic commercials=amazing.and i love the advice coming from the former sonic employee. thanks nick!

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