>further manifestation of high fidelity in my life.

>i’m slowly feeling more and more like rob gordon every day. i wish i was more like dick though. cause instead of being almost entirely cynical – he’s the one ‘gettin’ some.’

for those of you who haven’t seen that movie – bummer.

typically i’d attempt to write some sort of legit description of each of these. but i’m lazy, tired, and i haven’t digested any of them to the point where i feel comfortable releasing my thoughts publicly.

albums i’m currently attempting to digest:

left to right, top to bottom: ‘lupe fiasco’s the cool’, michael jackson – ‘bad’, al green – ‘let’s stay together’ and ‘i’m still in love with you’, pharrell – ‘in my mind’, common – ‘electric circus’. they’re all neatly hyperlinked to amazon. as are most of the album photos i put up on this mug.

its pretty much impossible to sufficiently install all of these albums into my brain in a decent amount of time. chances are my list of to-digest music will get longer before it gets shorter. that list will probably be highlighted with the release of the roots’ “rising down” (april 29) and then al green’s newest album (may 27). so amped about both of those.

thats about all i have to say about that. i’m really striving to find things that are more meaningful to my target audience (everyone with access to the internet), but i’m really struggling. i should make a list of things people care about and try to write about them all in individual posts. what an audacious endeavor. what a solid vocabulary.


ps. i rule at tennis. late.

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