>later jared. later mike.

two big-deal-in-my-life athletes have just been removed from my teams: michael beasley is going pro and jared allen is going to minnesota.

being a fan of sports is difficult for me nowadays (except for baseball – that is a game that doesnt hinge on performance or individuals – it simply more lovable). my teams in the ncaa and in the nfl suck basically. no, i’m not fair weather, its just incredibly difficult to cheer for a team led by damon huard or a college that is notorious for disappointing its fans.

so i put my love in individuals instead. if the team is horrendous then i can at least support a handful of individuals. i can find my enjoyment out of just one person’s stats or one person’s energy or one person’s ability in general. but those individuals have started to spite me as well.

beasley doesn’t hurt much really. it wasn’t like it wasn’t expected that he was going pro. and even though he might be 19 and love sponge-bob squarepants – he’s still going to run to the money. but not only that, he’s wasting his talent at this level. he can compete against people even better than this, so why wouldn’t he?

jared allen hurts though. for a depleted chiefs team without many glimmers of hope to cling to – this is a rough blow. sure we get a handful of draft picks, but they’ll just turn out to be great and disappoint me too probably. can’t catch a break. i blame carl peterson. ruining my life.

it has become clear to me that my ability to cheer for sports without being disappointed and/or emotionally unhinged is limited solely to baseball. it’s more than just winning to me. it’s going to games, supporting catchers making $440k when i could be supporting individuals making $26m. who cares if an individual bats .222? it’s baseball. its great.

so. besides baseball, here is what i have elected to do: hope my favorite teams win, but root for everyone. this may or may not extend to ku. i haven’t decided yet. but as far as the nfl, nba, and ncaa goes – i’m for everyone. i’m for good games, underdogs, dynasties, overtimes and game 7’s. forget hating – ’cause where does hating get you?’ sports are incredible and i’ll support those who deserve to be supported*.

sports are incredible and can bring so much joy – why would i waste my time being disappointed and bummed about about performance? i’ll be a chiefs fan regardless their record, but i’m done being disappointed. its just unhealthy.

that having been said – good luck beas. good luck jared allen. you’ll shine elsewhere** and i hope you continue to lead the league in everything and sacks respectively.


* – this no longer includes chad johnson who is turning out to be way more of a punk than i expected him to be. sad times chad. just play the game and love it. its not that hard. and major props to marvin lewis for handling the situation EXACTLY how i think it should be handled. i have a new favorite head coach in the nfl.

** – i hope beasley goes to the supersonics. and then i hope the supersonics end up in OKC. and then i hope i can go watch him play again. i’m going to miss it here in manhattan next year. but its alright. luis colon is still here – final four here we come.

3 thoughts on “>later jared. later mike.”

  1. >luis colon and final four in the same sentence…interesting.I think hell just froze over.p.s. carl peterson ruined and is continuing to ruin my life as well.i miss jared already.

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