>nfl draft.

>ok lets talk about the draft and how kc rocked the ally and freaked the oop.

glenn dorsey?! boom goes the dynamite. in retrospect i shouldn’t be too shocked he fell all the way to us at #5, i was confident that either oakland or new york would come out of there with mcfadden. i guess the surprising thing is that atlanta took matt ryan. i didn’t know they were that desperate to replace vick*. i would’ve thought a better idea would be to take dorsey and then trade up for matt ryan. he wasn’t going to go until baltimore anyway at number 8, and new england was looking to trade out of the #7 spot anyway. instead the falcon’s divisional foe, the saints, traded up and picked up Sedrick Ellis (who i am predicting records at least one sack on Matt Ryan in 08).

I was expecting to have to hop on here and complain all about how disappointed i am with the Chiefs’ picks, but i find next to nothing wrong with them. We’re still weak at DE – the dude we picked up in the 7th round will fill the spot – but with dorsey on the line…who really cares?

The Chiefs pretty much pulled three first-round quality picks. dorsey, branden albert, and brandon flowers in the second round – but he’s good enough to have gone middle of the first round i think.

I’m most intrigued by the Chiefs’ third-round picks in RB Jamaal Charles and TE Brad Cottam. I’m confident that charles can make an impact next year. I’m nervous about cottam though – he had five serious injuries in college in four years. that scares me. hopefully he’s a quality blocker too cause his numbers are nothing to be excited about, but everyone seems to think he’s got tons of untapped potential, so i’ll hope that too.

i give the chiefs an A+++. the jared allen trade is an afterthought now – dorsey is a beast, will be better than allen and ALMOST as exciting to watch.

first round trade questions i have of two other teams:
1. how did the lions benefit AT ALL from trading us #15 for #17? they picked up a late rounder, but they also missed out on branden albert and took godser cherilus instead? both albert and jeff otah were better options than cherilus and with the 15 pick detroit had their shot at both of them. i’m just confused. maybe they see something in godser that i dont. maybe its just his name. i’d rather have godser cherilus than jeff otah. otah ust sounds moron.
2. the jacksonville jaguars traded up to the number 8 spot with baltimore. baltimore wanted matt ryan probaly, but when atlanta swiped him they were able to wait for a while. but the jags gave baltimore a 1st, 2nd, and 4th rounder so they could pick Derrick Harvey. Thats essentially what Jared Allen just went to minnesota for. unless you’re trading up to take mcfadden – no way you give up that much for anyone in this draft. my guess is that harvey will turn out to be worth it, but i’m still shocked at what they had to give up for it.

i wish the chiefs had looked into a quarterback though. namely dennis dixon. i can only DREAM of a mobile quarterback. elvis grbac, rich gannon, steve bono, trent green, damon huard, brodie croyle. are we joking? those are the quarterbacks since joe montana in 94. i want a quarterback who can do something. bring me someone with another dimension besides ‘thrower’. someone who can avoid a sack or even roll out. or even run for a first down without getting mentally destroyed by robert geathers**. but if they’re not going to draft one, maybe they’ll pick one up in free agency or trade for one. i propose byron leftwich – he’s available, and i’m a fan. naturally they should take him immediately for those two reasons. but the chiefs probably want to establish a long-term quarterback. croyle isn’t it though guys. sorry.

overall: high five to the chiefs. makes me excited to be a football fan around 2012.


* – apparently since michael vick is being held at leavenworth prison in kck, the kansas city t-bones are having “Michael Vick Day”. players will wear prison uniforms and they will have special mini-events between innings and all proceeds go to dog fighting awareness or something. i think its hilarious, but i can understand how people wouldn’t be happy about it – its borderline supporting vick, and thats not too cool. i think he’s supposed to be pulled out so he can throw out the first pitch. i might’ve made that last part up though, not sure.

** – that sounds like a book. Mentally Destroyed by Robert Geathers.

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  1. >so michael vick night was scratched because people were furious…surprise surprise.the plans were for one team to wear black and white stripes and the other to wear all orange.i would have gone.

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