>i live in a house with four other guys: paul, nick, chris, and matt. chris and i live on the main floor, the other three sleep downstairs.

every morning when i wake up to take a shower i have to walk through my kitchen, through the living room, past chris’s room and into the bathroom. usually this isn’t a painful process, however, there is the occasional morning when i’ll come out of the bathroom and the front door will be wide open. or the off chance that a friend of the house’s will be waiting in the living room when i get out. sometimes awkward. usually funny.

a few days back i was making the trek to the bathroom and just as i passed chris’s room there was a flash of plaid that rushed by me. i have nothing against plaid, in fact, chris looked rather dapper in it (albeit in a slightly cowboy/i-might-secede-from-the-union way) . i felt compelled to make a comment about it. so i was quickly trying to find something simple like “love the plaid,” or “yeah plaid!” or “sportin the plaid today eh?”…maybe something like “where’s the belt buckle man?”

but before i could say anything, chris nonchalantly exclaimed, “howdy!”

playing the part. atta boy.


2 thoughts on “>howdy.”

  1. >ahhh. i knew i screwed it up. i tried to remember. and this story is hilarious. perhaps even better when you tell it in person, and c-bro is standing next to you.

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