>all the girls standing in the line for the BLAH BLAH.

>there is something that bugs me about recording artists, specifically rap artists. i’ve been able to look past it up until this point, but i need to say something.

why is it that incredible beats and off the chains synth and ridiculous samples MUST be voiced over with sex and drugs? i understand that artists have to stick to their roots, express their political views and frustrations through their lyrics and rapping abilities, but there are so many instances where sick beats are compromised because of morally questionable lyrics. the example that i would like to share with you all:

n*e*r*deveryone nose
(thats the music video too. it adds to the annoyance.)

i’ve never experienced a song that i was able to love and hate so much simultaneously. i can’t help but groove to it. the bass is great. the drums are way great. the brass** is great. and the mixing is great. yet overall? its average to me. which bums me out to be honest, cause i was ready for an n*e*r*d breakthrough in my life.

this song is about snorting coke. that is its only topic, and that pisses me off, frankly. cause it not only ruins the image of n*e*r*d in my mind, but it also wrecks the track completely. most of the time i can ignore/look past the explicit slash not-so-necessarily-moral lyrics. but this track is just too blatant about it. if an artist is going to go to all the work to create an incredible back beat just to repeat drug-related phrases over and over – why bother with the lyrics at all? it makes me sad that the all the work that went into the beat is nullified by ridiculously weak lyrics.

the video definitely doesnt help.

i understand how people can hate hip-hop and rap. there are way more inspiring lyrics out there, but it does somewhat surprise me when people can’t appreciate sounds that make you wanna bounce. and i will admit, n*e*r*d excels here despite their bummer lyrics. so overall – i like the track, but the lyrics blow.

i wish more artists just did what daft punk does – add lyrics and vocals simply to enhance the sound of the back beat. they’re just as simple as the lyrics in “everyone nose” but they’re a) not crude and b) an asset to the established sound of the track.

turns out in searching for that picture of n*e*r*d (above), i stumbled upon the greatest example of this whole blog in one great track. the neptunes are n*e*r*d minus shay haley (also read the neptunes = pharrell and chad hugo). which means that 2/3 of n*e*r*d have redeemed themselves in my eyes. phew. maybe this can be my breakthrough instead.

so i will leave you with some goodness from the neptunes.
daft punk – harder, better, faster, stronger (neptunes remix)

…and life is good.


** – had you asked me yesterday what this instrument was i would’ve responded “saxophone” without a moment of hesitation, but after the instruments section of my music final last night my confidence has been greatly shaken.

4 thoughts on “>all the girls standing in the line for the BLAH BLAH.”

  1. >i’m in a rough spot about this song tune. but every single time i get to the bridge, and ESPECIALLY when the beat comes back in with the bridge chords, i forget any problem i have with the lyrics and just dance. it’s so good.

  2. >i was thinking about that the other day too. have you heard the song on the radio thats like “sexy can i just park my man-ness..” anyway, i love his voice and i love the beat. but the song is AWFUL. booo.maybe christian rap will really take off.

  3. >Preach, brotha!!! I’ve been in your state o’ mind for going on two decades now. It is soooo easy to come up with explicit/raw rhymes with no content/substance whatsoever…which is what I think the “world” is seeking. It sucks to want to role with the fresh beats, bob my head a bit, maybe wave my hand up and down outside my car window, raise the roof possibly, and feel like I’m in a den of hell inside my car. All I want is to take my mind to a different place filled with sick bass that melts my face off. I’m pissed off dude.

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