>staff retreat.

>i have just returned to kansas city from beaver lake in arkansas. actually, i shouldn’t use the term “returned” – that would imply that i was in kc for an extended period prior to my trip to The Natural State. in reality, i only spent about 8 hours here on saturday night, so i don’t necessarily consider that an established place you can “return” to.

but thats neither here nor there.

i love my job and i love the people i work with. plain and simple. we spent 2 days in a lake house together learning about one another: our personality, how we communicate, our skills, etc. i’m really excited about this years’ student ministry staff. i feel like i have it easy. i came into the summer knowing who everyone was except two of them, but i’m excited for those relationships to blossom over the next few years. heck we’re already playing m.a.s.h. and interlocking fingers.

also. i rediscovered my love for monopoly. this game (especially when played with tim and tj and ben and me*) is not for the not-so-strong-willed. we were yelling and screaming and laughing and dropping phrases like “ahhh eff you boy.” hilariously cocky and so great. i’m a huge proponent for the yellow spaces. specifically marvin gardens. it just sounds way more beautiful than the other locations. except it also kinda sounds like a nursing home. which makes it seem like a snoozer. i’ll just dwell on the positive ones.

the last few days have gotten me extremely pumped about my role this summer and who i’ll be spending most of my time with. i haven’t even gotten to check out kc, but that will come too and make things even better.


* – i’ve recently been taught a lesson or two about when to use i and me. boom.

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