>talkin bout chi-town.

>i’m currently on megabus on the way to chicago.

you might be asking yourself, “self, how is adam blogging on the bus?” oh, cause i’m writing this in my journal so i can transfer it to my blog at a later date. this way you’ll get to keep up with my travels, and at the same time i can prove to you that i don’t edit my posts when i blog – its straight out of my mind and on into the text box. however, in this case it is college-ruled journal paper.

the text box is significantly more legible too. this is somewhat due to the unsatisfactory quality of missouri’s roads, but moreso because my handwriting just plain stinks.

anyway, i’m pretty excited to see what my trip has in store for me. i’m seeing a friend or two that i don’t get to see very often. and i have tentative plans to go to a cubs game and check out north park. other than that my schedule is wide open. north park, millenium park, lincoln park, grant park, and/or any other park that exists that i’m not familiar with yet. the possibilities are endless (except its limited to the chicago area, obv.)

megabus rules. it’s a double decker – i’m sitting top and front – and it is crazy cheap. i got tickets round trip for $43.50. what steal. there’s even bathroom on the bus…there isn’t any soap/sink though and i didn’t bring my hand sanitizer like the bus driver told me to. in my defense though, he didn’t tell me til after i got on the bus. i’ll just hold it i guess. i wish he’d told me earlier too because, coincidentally, i received a bottle of sanitizer for my 2-months-after-birthday. buzzkill.

my driver’s name is william. he looks more like a norman to me though.

the anticipation is building though. i’m traveling through the ngiht and i’m supposed to arrive in chi-town at 6:50 am. hopefully i can catch some shut eye for a handful of hours. 6+ would be nice, but that may be wishing a bit too hard. it’s awfully difficult to sleep when i’m excited.

regardless – this trip is going to be so nice. i need some time away to digest some of the stuff in my life. 3 days ought to be perf.


One thought on “>talkin bout chi-town.”

  1. >WHAT?!?!?!You are taking the MEGABUS?! To CHICAGO!??!IamsojealousrightnowIcanhardlystandit.(except for the having to hold it part)You need to let me know how the MegaBus treats you. I REALLY want to take advantage of it this summer. Like really bad. Meanwhile I am praying that the rain freaking holds for Buck Night…it’s no Chicago, but it’ll have to do.

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