>mayo to miami? ha.


apparently o.j. mayo went and worked out for the miami heat (second pick in the draft) before beasley or rose did. the media has gotten so ridiculous that it is trying to portray mayo asthe better pick at #2. i’m sorry. saying rose is better than beasley is one thing – say mayo is better is a completely different ballgame.

miami has the easiest pick in the draft; everyone knows it. all they have to do is take whichever one (beasley or rose) that chicago doesn’t take. so therefore, it makes perfect sense that mayo would come try out first. he’s the #3 top pick overall and the heat want to be certain they’re not missing out on anything. they’ve already got rose and beas on lock down. the heat will not take oj mayo with their second pick – that would be an even bigger crime than taking rose over beasley. but checking him out never did anyone any harm.

i think rose may go 1. but mayo at 2 is a joke. that’d be cool if it did happen though…and then he dropped even further to 4 – cause i still want beasley to go to the supersonics with KD. that has a 0% chance of happening though. but i can dream.


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