>sooner or later.

>i feel like i have a ton of thoughts, but none that i can successfully form into a handful of interesting-to-read paragraphs for the general public. things like “watching golf on tv rules” and “it’s interesting that Kansas City Christian graduated seniors had never discussed the topic of doubting before.”

sometimes i feel a requirement to blog. and thats when i start to dislike blogging. which is somewhat lame because it is obviously completely voluntary. i’ve just been skimming through my recent blogs and discovering that if i were you i’d be absolutely bored to tears reading what i have to say. then again i have higher standards of myself than most.

that having been said – i apologize for my lack of effort. from this point forward i’m putting a greater emphasis in my blogs or i’m not blogging at all. cause this half-a business has gotta go. messy games were WAY better than that blog expressed.

john buck even hit a three run homer yesterday and i was too lazy to inform the frequenters of the World Wide Web. thats how lackadaisical i’m becoming. i’m probably just too busy. eh. no. probably just out of cleverness.

either way. i apologize. i’ll do better in the near future.
i’ve just got a plethora of convoluted thoughts pouring through my brain simultaneously and its hard to set them all straight. i’ll try my best and get back to it soon though.


3 thoughts on “>sooner or later.”

  1. >adam isn’t funny is one of the best new labels you’ve come up with. i can’t wait for your next blog under that category.

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