>i’ve officially joined the Hillcrest Covenant men’s softball team.

yes, it isn’t baseball. and yes, i don’t get to experience the game like i used to, but i get to be on a field with a baseball mindset. there is no place i feel more comfortable than chattering on a ballfield with a team that i’m apart of. i’m one of the younger guys on the team – most of the guys are in their early 30s – but i feel like there is some really great potential for some fun growth here.

things i’ve learned about competitive softball since 9:30 pm yesterday:

1. sometimes if you just keep running you can score. the bases are way closer than in baseball so getting to the next base is super simple.

pause. a bird just flew into the window next to me. stupid animals. unpause.

2. my teammates tell me that striking out in men’s softball typically results in that person purchasing everyone on the team a round of beers after the game. seeing that we’re a team representing a church, we don’t adhere to those rules, but a guy on the other team struck out 3 times last night. major buzzkill.

3. i feel athletic even though my legs are the same size as the new team bat we use.

4. i was informed by the opposing team’s catcher that tossing the bat back toward the dugout after every at-bat is an art form. “it’s all in the wrist. just got to flick it.” i asked him if they ever had extracurricular competitions. he said “oh yeah absolutely.” he’s totally full of it. and i know it. and he knows i know it.

5. there are some extremely godly men at Hillcrest.

i’m amped to play in games where we dont get run-ruled.
and where i don’t bat second to last and play right field. yeah newbie.


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