>important tidbits i feel inclined to share in bullet form:

– occasionally toilets can sound remarkably similar to simba on pride rock.
– the z-man sandwich at oklahoma joe’s can be ordered in jumbo size.
– dunn bros coffee at 8975 metcalf has the most adorable little red roaster.
– if you have the word “pink” plastered on your clothing i probably think less of you.
n.e.r.d and coldplay have been dominating my earbuds. and sara bareilles. and kanye. but those last two are not a new development.
– sometimes birds fly into panes of glass. i’ve witnessed it 3 times in 3 days. one was into my windshield.
– i’m traveling to hutchinson, ks, and then to buena vista, co, from the 22-28 to do some house reconstruction with interfaith housing services and white water rafting, rock climbing and repelling with noah’s ark. oh and i’ll be eating at least one funnel cake at elitch gardens.

baseball game status:
i have attended 4 major league baseball games in kansas city, and 1 in chicago. 5 games total (4 + 1 = 5…quick math). this means i’m 25% of the way to my ultimate goal of 20 ballgames, and 50% of the way to the 2 games i hope to be at other ballparks. wrigley field was incredible. i’ve got my eye on new busch in stl sometime in july for number two…man i hope.

this is my second post of the day. i’m on a roll.


2 thoughts on “>tidbits.”

  1. >only you will not be eating a funnel cake at Elitch Gardens because we are not going to Elitch Gardens. We are going to lame-o water world. and I’m pretty sure they don’t have funnel cakes. sorry to burst your bubble!

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