>high impact 08. briefly.

>things that happened in the last week:

i sweated hauling dirt and busting rocks with 30 high schoolers. this consisted of flipping rocks and discovering garter snakes as well as the largest crickets in creation. they were red and looked more like lobsters than crickets. so we called them crobsters.

i spent a week away from my phone and lap top and i didn’t miss them at all. which is an incredible feeling because it means that i am truly focused completely on where i am instead of where i want to be.

i was told i look like abu from aladdin this week. i’m taking it as a compliment. i’ve been told i have cartoon-like qualities, but i’ve never been actually told i look LIKE a character. i now have an answer to the question “what actor/actress have you been told you look like?”

i did a backflip into 45 degree water, climbed a cliff in 1:33 and built a colossal fire using only one match.

i watched ocean’s eleven, twelve, and thirteen. organized crime is way too impressive. i’m unhealthily attracted to it. i wish i could successfully dabble in that business – both because it would be so fun and because i’m so broke.

i got to teach a number of individuals how to roast the perfect marshmallow. yes, this statement implies that i can indeed roast the perfect marshmallow. i am not denying this.


i was involved in the battle of cottonwood pass. i built a fortress with a window to protect my comrades and i from enemy fire. however, i would ultimately doom my troops by nonchalantly farting inside the fortress and running my fellow soldiers out from cover and into the battlefield. my bad guys. sorry.

i finally gave in and admitted that i have a sinus infection. and have had one since i left for chicago. i’m going to the doctor on monday.

i turned my phone on for the first time since wednesday and came back to 22 missed alerts: 15 texts and 7 voicemails. it was nice not having to worry about the busyness of life for a few days.

anyway. thats probably all the important things that happened*. now i’m going to go shower and take out my contacts for the first time in three days.

if anyone thinks their job is better than mine – you’re so so wrong.


* – this is obviously sarcasm. God was at work in the lives of people all over hutchinson and colorado and everywhere in between. hopefully deeper thoughts will come later. right now i need sleep badly.

3 thoughts on “>high impact 08. briefly.”

  1. >You’re so hot. I envy your past week. I too shoveled dirt, but it was more for a guy named Steve, and there was only one other guy. No crobsters, not snakes. This is you old pal John saying you do have one of the grandest jobs in creation.

  2. >I think my job may be better than yours. Because I’m your boss and at the end of the summer I don’t have to go back to school.I win.

  3. >i’m kind of embarrassed,but when you said “i did a backflip into 45 degree water”i thought of water at a 45 degree angle and you backflipping into it.i know.it didn’t make sense to me either.

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