>day off.

>i got to spend a couple hours chatting with dave this afternoon. i’m starting to realize that i had the luckiest high school life anyone could want. best friends with dave lueck is something that i took for granted for a long time, but i’m realizing how fortunate i’ve been to have him in my life. just two hours in conversation makes me feel so much more alive and excited about life. no wonder i am the person i am today with someone like that as such a huge influence.

i also get to play softball with nate and dan tonight. the other two major factors in my current person. there aren’t many days where i get all three in the same day. today is one of those days. so today is a better day than most days. its science.

life isn’t so bad when you get to spend it with the people you love. which i’m realizing i haven’t been truly loving many people, so that explains a lot i guess. enjoying life and those around me starts with me. not them. the last two weeks have been great though. lots of love.

in other news:
pandora radio rules.
paying rent is a chore.
doctor confirmed my sinus infection.
i’m going to kirksville, missouri, friday to see my sister.


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