>a 6 minute blog cause i have the time.

>i’ve been drinking a lot of gatorade lately.
i had a moment while i was on the way to colorado when i got super tired and worn out.
and then i had some gatorade tiger and suddenly felt like i could control the universe.
so i’ve been chasing that feeling.

i sat in a church service on sunday afternoon with no agenda apart from myself.
that’s something that doesn’t happen very often in full time ministry i’ve discovered.
i’m always taking notes for another discussion or trying to gain knowledge so i can answer questions from certain middle schoolers that may or may not change the world someday.
7th graders who ask things like “if God loves us so much how come he lets some of us go to hell?”
or “do you think Christ’s pain and suffering was derived from the sins of mankind or his separation from the Father?”
but it was nice to just sit there and take in a sermon with no agenda. it was peaceful i guess.

yesterday was john buck day.
he turned 28 years old and celebrated by hitting a 3-run shot off the foul pole in the 10th.
eat your heart out jason larue.
i’ll be at the K a few times this week.
i’ve got 5 bucks on Relish in wednesday’s HDD.


ps. watch the video below this post. hilarious.

One thought on “>a 6 minute blog cause i have the time.”

  1. >intentionally walk gload to get to buck, and on his birthday no less. yeah, he let them know how great a decision that was!

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