>8 weeks down. 2 weeks to go.

>i’ve been on a serious jars of clay kick for the last few days.
specifically ‘if i left the zoo’ and ‘who we are instead’. they’re just way too good and sometimes i forget how great their music is. and really how awesome the guys are too.

this week is pretty much my last week of employment at hillcrest until next may. i guess i’m technically employed until the 11th, but it consists of mostly fall planning, debriefing the summer and going on our end of the summer staff retreat. on said retreat i will be taking part in multiple monopoly matches trying my best to acquire marvin gardens (along with ventnor and atlantic, hopefully).

am i sad? absolutely. but i think i’ve prepared myself well for my leave this year. in past years i’m always really bummed i have to go back to school (this year too), but i know that going back to manhattan is the next step towards coming back here next summer/fall/winter/spring. i’m really longing to do full-time youth ministry during the school year. it’s still foreign to me and i’m excited to dive into that. i’m also really looking forward to long-term, uninterrupted*, full-time ministry. i’ve only experienced it 3 months at a time and my heart just burns for more. which is probably a good sign. i can’t wait.

but i have to. just 8 months and 31 more credit hours to go. then i will have my B.S. in Sociology. just saying that makes me feel more powerful/important/distinguished. i hope you all don’t feel that too. you can all be impressed when/if i ever do seminary and get a master’s. but for now, know that i haven’t really put forth much effort into acquiring my bachelor’s degree.

but that’s where i’m at now. thankful for the last few months, wanting more and awaiting the moment where i get to dive in for the long haul. but i have two more weeks sorta. so what am i whining about now?


* – grammatically, this is referred to as an ‘interrupter’. how ironic.

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