thats me waiting for tj’s physical therapy appointment to get over with. i couldn’t connect to their wireless so i was forced to play with photobooth. rough life really.

lists are fun. lets do a list. i haven’t done a list in a while.

– i’ve been listening to lots of john legend, d’angelo and musiq soulchild lately. i plan to use these as a launching pad extending that list into anthony hamilton, jill scott, and robin thicke as well. and alicia (the latter tracks off diary of and songs in a minor). and perhaps the vintage al green i haven’t dabbled in yet. i think my point is that i’m diving headfirst into r&b/soul. Target put out this new john legend live album that i’d like to get my hands on as well. too bad i’m broke phi broke.

– holly is coming in town this weekend. thats my sister. that means that my parents are probably taking her shopping for a new fall school wardrobe. hopefully i’ll land a couple fresh 3- or 5-subject notebooks for the upcoming semester. otherwise i think i have everything i need (a new puffer vest and the revival of my blueJays cap in particular…$3 for unending fashion).

– ken griffey jr got traded to the white sox and made his debut last night at kauffman stadium. i was in section 431. this is a tragedy really. i hate the white sox – they don’t deserve a player like junior. i haven’t decided if i hate the white sox more or less now that they’ve acquired him – less cause he’s on the team, but more cause they’ve made me frown upon one of the all-time greats. sweetest swing i’ve ever seen.

– i’m going to the plaza and then to beaver lake for an end-of-the-summer staff retreat at the beginning of next week. it has potential to be on of the funnest events of the summer. i was just dubbed “best work ethic” by a member of our staff last week. i think if she saw me during the school year she would think differently. anyway, i think we’ll get to do some cliff jumping and some water skiing. skiing has consecutive i’s. like hawaii. strange.

– it’s really hot outside. better than really cold. i’d much rather it be august all year than january. january sucks. so does november and february. except this year november = hp6. november sizzler indeed.


4 thoughts on “>aherewego.”

  1. >as a life long sox fan, who shares your appreciation for griffey’s most beautiful swing ever… i can’t tell you how excited i am. i’m so jealous you got to go. i really am wishing i could make it there this weekend. i’ll have to wait for the last series in town.

  2. >eh. you’d fit in in portland.i was being a bit dramatic on the whole outcast thing. the people here are as mild as the weather, it’s just that only when you place judgment do they place judgment. but in their mildness, they aren’t extremely encouraging sometimes, which makes a self-conscious person struggle just that much more.but you do get some bad looks when you have to use the grocery store’s bags instead of your own. it doesn’t even matter if you recycled your old plastic bags on the way in… man, you get some looks.

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