>pga championship.

>it’s friday – that means i have the day off. typically i would catch up on sleep until 930 or 10 and then wake up and slowly get on with my day. today, however, i woke up at 7 and made a trip to the doc to get a tetanus shot. i’m off of my parents’ insurance forever soon, so i’m taking advantage of it and getting as many medical trips out of the way as i can before i go back to school.

but since i woke up early for my appointment, i’ve got free time that i’m not really used to. fortunately for me, golf is on tv.

i’m not sure what it is about golf that makes it so mesmerizing. maybe it’s the melodious voice of jim nantz matched with the occasional thrilling moment. perhaps it’s sergio garcia and aaron baddeley’s get-up. or the occasional lexus virtual caddy fly-by – beautiful holes. or maybe it’s the commentators vocab usage – ubiquitous. i’ll be impressed once they use nebulous.

the only thing that would make this even more exciting is if i had some money on it. i’m rooting for sergio though, and his sweet light blue polo vest and white slacks. although baddeley’s plaid pants are so legit.

but i’ve been sitting here for quite some time now thinking about doing other things, but never getting much passed that thought. just about the time i plan to hop up and make a sandwich somebody hits a one-hopper off the pin or drops a 45 foot putt. i also really want to get up and go play 18 holes myself, but i don’t think i’d be physically capable after my shot. it’s rendered my left arm borderline useless. it’s only a quarter-sized bruise on my tricep, but i can feel it all through my arm.

i’ll probably end up playing vitual golf later tonight. golden tee. part of me wishes i had some sort of print out listing the cash i’ve spent on golden tee this summer, but another part of me is perfectly fine being kept in the dark. you get to create your own character, save your information and stats by using your credit card as your i.d., and you get to compete for cash prizes against everyone else nationally.

it’s either golden tee or the royals game. the royals open up a three game series against the freaking twins. i’m so tired of watching the twins beat the royals, so i’m not letting it happen tonight. i’ll either be sitting behind the plate or at buffalo wild wings jeering as much as possible against those shades from minneapolis. oh, and go relish:


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