>scene of the crime, berlin 1945, my love life, windsurfing, oranges, carl sagan, the old man and the sea, the industrial revolution…

>i was facebooking just moments ago and i came across this as a ‘bumper sticker’ on someone’s site:

first of all, this is hilarious. second of all, it is MY FREAKING JOKE. this is so stinking frustrating to discover. anyone who has played apples to apples with me in the history of time knows that this is my favorite card and when you play it for me to judge i will select it 100% of the time. it has so many money possibilities – the best of which is ‘touchy-feely’. and yes, i understand she was an american hero, but cmon now. you know you smiled.

but when i saw this i was super disappointed. there is a certain point where your jokes transcend just you and your friends and turn into a greater deal. am i saying i started the helen keller jokes? no. just the infinite use of her card in apples to apples and especially the phrase “she’s an automatic win.” there should be quotes around that phrase in the bumper sticker with a little “-ap.” beneath it. that is mine. people have copped my fun and made it less unique and that frustrates me.

so which one of you spread it? someone took the joke and used it as their own. thats how these things spread. i appreciate your use of my joke, but when it leaves your mouth and you claim it as your own? and then it spreads to the point where someone multiple separations from me is using it too? ugh. why do i even try?

next thing i know people will be publicly mentioning the miraculous things their friend paul has done and how much ron enjoys pepperoni pizza. and they’ll say something like “hey have you heard of my friend paul?” and i’ll be all like “is it the same paul that i met/invented when i was a sophomore in high school?”.

on one hand there is a sense of pride in knowing that a joke i created has transcended me and those i’m in immediate contact with, but on the other hand – give some credit where it’s due! talk about injustice.


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