>whats your favorite music-beverage?

>i’m currently having a mystery craving.

i know that there is something – a dessert, beverage, or a snack – that i’m currently lacking and would make me feel so much more refreshed. however, i have no idea what that thing is. i dislike situations like this. it feels eerily similar to the nauseating feeling i get when i have to decide on a beverage at sonic. gosh, it’s so stinking painful.

in Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, there is this gadget on this ship that concocts the perfect beverage for you at that very moment – the one drink that will quench everything. i believe this to be possible in many situations: food and beverage, but also in other things. music, for example. i’m convinced that there is a perfect artist and/or song for every moment. some moments are kanye moments. others are john mayer. others are lauryn hill, gnarls, michael jackson. i’m currently listening to jill scott on dave chappelle’s block party soundtrack.* sometimes you pick wrong, and it’s just feels weird. jill is money.

so in an attempt to get to the bottom of my mystery craving, i went downstairs to the fridge to investigate the various possibilities. and i came back with a freaking Hawaiian Punch. and now my teeth are reddish but it was so delicious. talk about a total shocker.

my current mood = jill scott + hawaiian punch.

interesting to think about kinda. i’d say that my typical mood is “kanye west + coca-cola classic”. thats just the type of person i am. this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.
other moods i dabble in:

daft punk + white cherry freezoni
top 5 study albums + red bull
al green + coffee
nelly + water
gnarls barkley + orange gatorade

just a few. any music/beverage mood you sometimes find yourself in?


* – i also picked up jill scott’s “beautifully human: words and sounds, vol. 2” today. great purchase.

4 thoughts on “>whats your favorite music-beverage?”

  1. >is this like ice cream sport? i feel like it is. also, this morning i drove out to youthfront south and it was TOTALLY a sufjan stevens coffee moment. it was wonderful. it’s funny that you wrote this, because i was pretty much thinking the same thing – there is perfect music for every moment.

  2. >ha it IS like icecream sport.but a good tangent.i’m at stumptown coffee for the last time probably for a while,drinking a queen’s iced tea and singing my friend, cortney’s music in my head.that might just be as perfect as it gets.

  3. >I immediately thought of ice cream sport also, but then was immensely confused by the inclusion of the "+" in the names.Sigur Ros + CoffeeMuse + CokeBeatles + Orange JuiceDaft Punk + Red Bull & VodkaLed Zeppelin + Beer

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