i recieved a text message at 2 am notifying me that joe biden would be barack obama’s running mate in ’08. obviously a smart decision for two reasons: it addresses obama’s lack of experience as well as his lack of foreign policy knowledge – the two main areas that mccain has attacked. this has been a change vs experience race so far, but this ends that debate. its change and experience vs experience.

truth be told, biden might be just as good a presidential candidate as obama.

the only folks i see not supporting this decision: stubborn female hillary fans. the ones who’s chief reasoning for voting for hillary was because she would’ve brought more estrogen into the white house. suck it up ladies and support your country instead of your gender.

biden is the type of person i love to root for. outspoken, confident, and not afraid to tell you what he’s thinking (kind of like usain bolt, of whom i’m also a fan). he sees things that he doesn’t like in our current government and he tells you all about it. he affirms one of the things i’ve liked so much about this obama campaign: transparency. there aren’t secrets, and you don’t have to sit back and wonder what they’re thinking or what they want. bien fits the obama ticket perfectly.

the only thing i’m not an initial fan of is that he looks like jack’s dad from Lost, but i think i can look past it as long as he doesn’t turn out to be an alcoholic with an illegitimate child.


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