>like whom does my future look?

>every once in a while i have to sit back and think, “what if youth ministry isn’t where i end up?”

here is the progression of what i do next:

1. wet my pants.
2. change my pants.
3. try to figure out what people with sociology degrees actually do.

so i did some detective work. in my research i discovered the following people all have/had sociology degrees: martin luther king jr., ronald reagan, regis philbin, and paul shaffer. this brought a terrific sigh of relief because these are all people i admire. except i continued to dwell on these names and realized the following: reagan double majored in economics too, dr. king obviously continued education and got his doctorate, and paul shaffer has some seriously natural musical abilities.

that leaves regis.

i wouldn’t mind being like regis someday. hosting a tv show, hosting a game show (so great), and holding the world record for most time spent on camera (something like 16,000 hours of air time and counting). so that’s comforting – that someone with no real direction after graduation can turn out like that.

maybe i’ll grow up to be regis philbin someday. that wouldn’t be so bad. these fresh pants would look good on camera too.

refreshing bit number two: martin luther king jr’s course of action sounds remarkably like mine: socology followed by an interest in ministry (he graduated with an mDiv and then got his PhD in systematic theology). he strikes me as a bit more driven individual than i am – duh – but it still feels good to read. i wouldn’t mind being like dr. king someday, that’s for sure. talk about something to aspire to…wow. maybe if i start getting excited about school i could somehow achieve something to that ‘degree’.

anyway. after discovering this fact about these gentlemen, i’ve decided to read a biography or two about each of them in order to see if my life does actually parallel theirs in anyway. maybe i’ll end up being a slight blend of the two – some sort of on-camera theologian who changes the world and gets assassinated while running some sort of marching game show in alabama…and i’d be half black.

this would be nice. it gives me hope that my life isn’t going to be a total failure.

merry september,

2 thoughts on “>like whom does my future look?”

  1. >Uh, you should be Paul Shaffer. He’s a badass, as are all the other members of the CBS orchestra. Unfortunately, your head cannot be as beautiful as Paul’s when it is shaven. Close, but not quite.

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