>eggshell off-white like a dupont finish.

>september should be one of the more exciting months of the year. football starts. pennant races are building in suspense. and kansas is provided with simply perfect puffer vest weather.

however, this september – though the weather is indeed perfect – provides me no sporting excitement whatsoever. my teams are all expected to flounder or have already gone under, and i have yet again failed to join a fantasy football league. i don’t understand how i’ve always managed to surround myself with individuals who don’t give half a crap about sports once september arrives. but alas, another year.

the good news is that football is still amazing even though the chiefs are not. so sundays and mondays will continue to be ruled by quite a bit of read-while-watching time. which is probably good – reading is something i’ve really come to enjoy recently. i’m in the middle of obama’s book right now; this probably wasn’t the best decision. only one of my eight books i ordered online has come in yet, so i’ve got some catching up to do.

other things to be excited about in september: ben folds, nelly and robin thicke all have cd releases. burn after reading – the latest coen brothers film – comes out in theaters on the 12th too. i’m not sure if the theater in manhattan does midnight showings (probably the only downfall of this town), but nick and i are seeing that movie.


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