>okay. i’ll update.

>a few pointers about me that may be interesting to read:

1. i’ve started apartment hunting for places in kansas city for next summer. yes, it may be a bit premature, but i’m more looking for areas rather than actual apartment complexes. i want to move downtown. like in the city or just outside. i want my suburban mindset to be challenged and i want to be among those in poverty.

2. i’ve been listening to a lot of bobby bland and al green which is an interesting juxtaposition. the latter sings about love and how great it is and the former sings about how much he’s been burned by women and is so bitter about it. i think i lean more toward bobby. i’ve been offsetting these two with john mayer and ben folds who sing about both and make everything seem more balanced. and akon too.

3. books i’m reading: gone tomorrow: the hidden life of trash, something beautiful for God, and the audacity of hope. i’m farthest in obama’s book (almost done with it), and i’ve just started the other two. i haven’t really gained a whole lot of new insight from obama’s book but i have confirmed a lot of the thoughts i had about him already. he and i share at least one opinion: there is extreme inequality in this nation and something needs to be done about it.

4. okay, this one isn’t about me. aaron rodgers is a stud. i completely understand why the packers wouldn’t want brett favre back (although brett favre wasn’t too shabby for the jets yesterday). aaron rodgers also looks very much like ryan from the office (season 4).

5. this shirt came in the mail a few days ago:

also, watch kanye’s VMA performance: love lockdown.

6. seirra nevada pale ale is officially my favorite beer. it can join ranks with vanilla coke, red bull, white cherry freezoni, and guatemalan coffee as my favorite of a certain beverage type. (soda, energy drinks, slushes, and coffee respectively.)


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