>september 11.

>it feels customary to write a 9/11 post of some kind. mainly out of reverence, but also to avoid guilt if the day came and went and i never acknowledged it publicly on this blog that is slowly becoming adam’s life in text form.

the feeling i’m left with on this day is a sense of unity once again. in a search for silver lining in such an emotionally devastating event is hard to do, but if there is lining in my eyes it is unity.

i was encouraged by the spectacle of mccain and obama side by side in silence today, and then to see them herded side by side to shake the hands of everyone in attendance at ground zero. obama patted mccain on the back, they smiled in conversation, and i actually sensed for the first time that they were both trying to do what is best for this nation. putting their agendas aside and honoring the families of the individuals lost on september 11. pretty awesome image.

it’s unfortunate that the media won’t put their agendas aside like the candidates. i did hear one fellow on MSNBC ignore a question regarding the polls in florida to mention the what a great display it was. a nice thing to hear on a day like today.

the sad thing is that tomorrow is 9/12 and it’ll be back to bashing the other party, but for a moment it was nice to see that there is washington is all in this together.


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