>Something Beautiful for God.

>there are few people in this world that are truly Christ-like. that is not to say that there aren’t many people that exhibit Christ-like qualities, but there aren’t many that i could easily refer to as being truly Christ-like.

Mother Teresa is one of them. I’ve heard of her for my entire life and what a saint she was, but i’d never actually looked into it myself. sorta like when people tell me that the Empire State Building is tall or the Grand Canyon is breathtaking – i believe it, but i’ve never really experienced it or felt it for myself. such is the case with Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa moved to Calcutta from Yugoslovia when she was a teenager to live among the poorest in the world. She set up Homes for the Dying for the social outcasts with nowhere to go but the grave and addressed what she believed to be their most important need: the need to be wanted. she took in the thirsty, poor, naked and sick and treated them as Jesus would, but more imporantly she did so with extreme joy that allowed every dying leper to get a glimpse of Jesus before they passed.

this is remarkable, yes, but the thing that i truly love about Mother Teresa is not how that she had such joy, but it was where that joy came from: through sacrificing something great for Jesus in order to be truly joyful in the life you’re living. if life is easy then you’re not truly serving as Christ intended, and Mother Teresa was the epitome of a life in Christ – and that is what brings true joy.

this book inspires change. she cncourages people to do “something beautiful for God” no matter how small it may seem. it isn’t about how grand scale or how successful you are in doing it, – “what matters is the life of the individual.” when asked about the significance of her ministry she said the following:

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is but a drop in the ocean.”

everyone who already owns a Bible and stil wants to see more of Jesus should read this book. buy it now. i got mine for $4 after shipping…which is like 1/5 of the money in my bank account.


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