>vegas vacation.

a few nights ago i was having a rather unfortunate evening.

i was hanging out with my roommates and we played settlers of catan in the afternoon and then played monopoly later that evening. i felt i had strong showings in both games, but i wasn’t aware that nick would have the luckiest games i’ve ever witnessed in my life and win both rounds.

after a 3 hour game of monopoly i came back to my room feeling pathetic and, well, unlucky. i sat down at my computer to release a little steam in an extremely sarcastic and slightly exaggerated blog about my history of unluckiness…when i was jarred out of my cynical streak by one of my roommates frantically alerting me of a geyser in the bathroom.

yes. a geyser in the bathroom. our toilet intake valve had busted loose from the can and was spraying everywhere creating a puddle that had leaked out the bathroom door and had engulfed a large portion of our living room as well.

there it was – proof that i was the most unlucky man alive.

and then the next day i was in class – still sulking – and i get a call from an 877 number. i was like what.* they left a message, phew. i listened to it after class and this is what it said:

“hello adam paul cooper! my name is stephanie, and i’m happy to inform you that your name has been selected in the Royals’ Vegas Giveaway drawing you entered, and you and another will be awarded airfare and hotel accommodations upon claiming your prize. please call back at 877-777-1618 as soon as possible to claim your prize. thank you so much and congratulations!**”

again. I WAS LIKE WHAT.***

and in the course of that 24 seconds i went from the unlucky doldrums to being one of the luckiest individuals on the planet. others in contention:

– anyone remotely related to michael phelps.
– who ever is dating mandy moore nowadays.
– todd palin.
– brad and angelina’s adopted kids.
– carson daly: no reason that no talent clown should have ever been successful.

maybe i’m not quite in their league. but i’m feeling pretty lucky nowadays. hopefully it carries over when i hit the cheapest blackjack tables on the strip.

so in a few weeks my father and i will be embarking to LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, for a couple days’ fun. i’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. i’m taking my camera.


*i have always ALWAYS wanted to include that in a blog. best line ever.
** – verbatum. i saved the message.
*** – yes. a twofer.

3 thoughts on “>vegas vacation.”

  1. >that is unbelievable. everything. all of it. don’t play blackjack – it’ll just piss you off because somehow the dealer always wins. learn craps before you go and PLAY THAT THE WHOLE TIME. it’s so much fun. also, PLEASE go see celine dion. she’s always there.

  2. >I stand firm in my belief that you did not earn claiming that you are unlucky. Even if the events were unlucky, the end of the story makes any effort at being unlucky null and void. Not until you have crap happen to you, followed only by more crap, can you call yourself unlucky.everytime I wrote unlucky, I first typed unlicky. irony.

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