>post-season baseball prognostication.

>oh, how i love october. the cardinals and royals aren’t even in it, but october just oozes with excitement. this is why october is my 3rd favorite month of the year. i was forced to hammer this out quick this morning during my environmental sociology review session due to 1) a busy schedule this morning, 2. the regular season ending just last night and 3. the first game of the playoffs starting in…12 minutes. so here are my predictions for this year’s divisional and wild card series:

the angels were the best team in baseball this year, and they’re going to continue into the playoffs. the red sox are hurt, they’re without josh beckett for the first few games at least, but even if he does get the ball, he’ll get it in game 3 or 4 in fenway which likely means he’ll be pitching for his team’s survival. i think they win that game when he’s back in game 3, but conserving the bullpen for him will cost games for the sox in games 1 ad 2. this angels team is just really good and haven’t had any problems all year.
angels in 4

the white sox will win one of the two games in tampa when mark buehrle takes the mound, but otherwise i see the rays being the better all around team here. they also have something to play for too, which i don’t see the white sox having. yes, tampa’s new to the post-season, but they’re going to continue to ride that young energy in the playoffs. the games in chicago won’t be easy wins, but this team has shown heart throughout the year. and i hate the white sox.
rays in 5

this is my favorite match-up this october. i really like both of these teams, and it’s unfortunate they have to play each other here. i think the brewers can win at will with sabathia on the mound, and suppan is terrific when he wants to be (see the 2006 post-season). especially when he’s starting against adam eaton – arguably the most disappointing pitcher in the league this year (4-8, 5.80 ERA making $8M). i think the brewers can steal this one at the hands of suppan and sabathia (twice).
brewers in 5

i had the joy of visiting wrigley this past may, and it is a nightmare for opposing teams when the crowd is hyped, and any time the cubbies are in the post-season there is no doubt the crowd’ll be in it. the dodgers snuck into the playoffs through the addition of manny ramirez, but one offensive presence doesn’t win 3 of 5 games. pitching wins series, and the dodgers don’t match up with the dempster, zambrano, harden. throw in home field advantage and this one might be over pretty quick. i hate zambrano, so i’ll bet against him game 2, but otherwise this one belongs to chicago. ugh.
cubs in 4

ALCS: rays/angels
NLCS: cubs/brewers

see you in the championship series. cmon rays.


3 thoughts on “>post-season baseball prognostication.”

  1. >I’m sort of a cubs fan. Couldn’t really tell you why. Maybe cause my friend Greg is a die-hard cubs fan? And I like Chicago, but not the White Sox?Go cubbies.

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