>a list.

>i have discovered in my years of blogging that lists are a terrific way to be certain that your frequenters are reading the material you post. especially if you utilize links successfully (not necessarily to be clicked, but mostly so that words stand out in another color – in this case blue). in fact, chances are most of you have skipped this paragraph in order to dive straight into the numbered section of the post. fair enough.

1. low expectations are key to happiness.

2. the cubs and white sox suck. this also brings happiness. to me at least. (sorry tuff.)

3. i have two papers and two tests on tuesday and wednesday.

4. garageband is super fun.

5. if the chiefs won every week my life would be unbearably terrific. this week has indeed lived up despite my neglect of point one.

6. sometimes i wish i could see a glimpse of my future so i could make life decisions now without worry or fear. however, this is probably so i can learn life lessons along the way. just like why Dumbledore didn’t give Harry all the answers in book six.

7. reading is also a key to happiness. and information. but happiness is the more important of the two.

8. lists are essential to blogging; semicolons are not.

would you look at that. i’ve now introduced 8 different points to spark interests. and since everyone has different interests, and since this is viewable to the entire world, i’ve potentially reached a much wider audience than this post or this post. just saying. i probably won’t adhere to this style on a regular basis, but i have much to do (see point three) and i don’t have time for excessive blogging. unlike in september – 26 blogs in 30 days? freak.


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