>10 ways to eat more bacon.


there are two things that are amazing about this article to me:

thing 1: um. hello. the obvious one? bacon is one of the greatest delicacies ever. if given the choice between bacon and a snickers bar, i’d pick bacon. thick-sliced, hickory smoked, low sodium, they’re all good. even the bacon that wendy’s flops on their JBCs is actually somewhat tasty despite being splattered with ketchupy mayo. the ones that jumped out to me:

thing 2: my best friend told me about two months ago of an adventure in the kitchen. he was working at planet sub and was rather bored in the afternoon. so when he went to the back to throw some cookies in the oven he decided to try his luck at some bacon chip cookies. he claimed they were delicious. i thought they sounded bizarre. turns out a major cooking website is promoting them as well (except it appears they’ve just placed bacon on top of the cookies instead of bakiing bacon bits into the cookie dough. either way, i’m buying some bacon to go with the next batch of cookies i make.

an adventure in my kitchen may be happening soon. gosh i love bacon.


coincidentally enough, pat forde has mentioned chocolate-covered bacon on a stick in today’s Forde-yard Dash. also he mentions the 6 really good teams in the big xii. kstate is not one of them. they may be team #12.

5 thoughts on “>10 ways to eat more bacon.”

  1. >I know an absolutely killer recipe for bacon snack. It involves bacon, parmesan cheese, and brown sugar baked in the oven on a cracker. They are a choice chew that any one of people can feel good about. I kind of want to make some right now.

  2. >This has nothing to do with you post.I tried to get on your blog yesterday at work and our filter at work blocked me claiming that I was trying to view “Adult/Mature” content.I thought you would appreciate that.

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