>relatively unrelated thoughts to social theory.

>yesterday i spent five hours overwhelming my brain with sociological theory, so far i’ve only really landed three thoughts that just barely pertain to the information i’ve been staring at.

1. sociological theory it is a bunch of malarkey.

malarkey – (mə-lar’ki) – n. total crap; completely made up information; something not the slightest bit grounded on anything worth anyone’s time : sociological theory is such malarkey.

i officially decided this at about 8:45 PM CST when i finally put away my study guide of about 112 words that i was responsible for defining.

my word-defining spree has carried over on to my blog in my definition of malarkey. i also determined the phonetic spelling of the word on my own.

2. i should have pursued speech pathology instead of sociology.

however this would have put me at this school for another 3 years probably, and there isn’t a chance i’d ever subject myself to any more of this place than may 2009. i’ve been in school for 20some years now, and i’m counting down the days…213.

but phonetics is the class-related topic i’ve been most interested in since coming to college by far. linguistic anthropology has been my favorite college course. easily. it was challenging, yet really fun. and i was good at it. unlike sociology. its neither challenging or fun.

but truthfully i feel like i’m on the right path – the fast track out of college – i’m very ready to begin the next phase of my life. it’s starting to piece together somewhat. and lastly…

3. friday can’t get here soon enough.


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