>adventures in itunes.

>in light of this being my 300th post on blogspot, i will do nothing special whatsoever.

three things that drive me crazy about itunes.

3. if any song is checked as “part of a compilation.” for some reason when i rip an album into itunes and it auto-sorts it into my artists under Compilations” instead of the actual artist name it just makes me want to cuss. which truly is ridiculous because it takes roughly 4 seconds to correct. i’m not an itunes elitist, however, it is maddening for me to not be able to find an artist only to discover that they’re under the new “Compilations” section of my artists that has managed to reappear since the last time i deleted it.

2. the “genre” option. as many of you know i’m a fan of some groups/artists that don’t necessarily qualify under any type of genre. gnarls barkley for instance. or n.e.r.d. the whole idea of a genre somewhat annoys me. especially at best buy when THE ENTIRE CD SECTION is comprised of 4 different sections:
– rock/pop
– rap/r&b
– religious/gospel
– international music/latino
just the same, to sort music into different genres is equally absurd. i do think it’s funny that “acid” is an option. as is “general unclassifiable.”….what.

1. “Genius is unavailable for the song [insert song here].” i hate it so much. don’t get me wrong. genius is genius. really. the fact that i can click a song, click the little electron cloud in the corner, and get an incredible playlist based on that one song is fantastic. but when it wont let me it is SO disappointing. especially when i KNOW that it is in the itunes store and for some reason the program can’t figure out that it’s the same thing.
don’t you DARE tell me i can’t make my “another dumb blonde” playlist because you can’t find the song. Hoku is IN YOUR STORE. don’t gimme that you can’t mix and match other great hits to come up with a list for all the hoku lovers out there. i mean look at it’s popularity. OFF THE CHARTS. talk about criminal.


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