>top 10 lip syncing tunes.

>typically i don’t like to blog about how awesome i am. not because i’m intentionally trying to exude an aura of humility, but because i consider it inherent knowledge with which my frequenters are duly familiar.

however, i must brag today. for i am an exceptional lip-syncer. i’m uncertain where i’ve managed to acquire such a useless skill, but i’ve spent the last 10 minutes or so sifting through my itunes and finding my top 10 favorite songs to lip-sync to. it’s a difficult process, because i could probably manage a top 15 or top 20 list, and there are always a few stragglers that you feel got jilted and some bubble songs that maybe don’t have any business being on the list instead of the jilted ones (sounds like the ncaa tourney), but the line has to be drawn somewhere. and that line is at #10.

10. Encore – Jay-Z
9. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
8. Understatement – New Found Glory
7. Motown Philly – Boyz II Men
6. Back in the U.S.S.R. – The Beatles
5. The Distance – Cake
4. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solomn Faces… – Ben Folds Five
3. Holiday – Green Day
2. Can’t Take It – The All-American Rejects
1. Monkberry Moon Delight – Paul McCartney

now that i have a playlist created it’s possible that you’ll find me in front of full-length mirror practicing for hours at a time for impromptu performances in the future. add this to the list of skills i have that won’t likely lead to any sort of lucrative career. also on the list: disc golf, foosball, and eyebrow control.


EDIT: i’d like to change number 10 to The Pretender – Foo Fighters. i discovered this after half an hour of pumping myself up for an ultimate game that never happened due to a lack of opponent.

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