>hope for the jefes.

since everyone else is talking about the election on november 4th, i’ll try and bring some fresh air to the currently politically saturated world wide web. lets talk chiefs football.

players i need to address:

1. tyler thigpen. if anyone wants to hear some thigpen encouragement – you can hear it on the AM radio (everclear ref). 610 sports callers are praising him as our solution at QB forever. there isn’t anyone getting more encouragement than t-square. no wonder he’s performing with so much more confidence. when the world believes in you then you start acting like you’re supposed to be there – heck, a couple people have called in claiming he could be the next tom brady. i’m reluctant to go that far, there is quite a difference between the michigan wolverines and the coastal carolina…chanitcleers. main difference: i didnt have to look up “wolverines”. do i believe that tyler thigpen is the quarterback of the future in kc? not yet. but do i believe he’s got a shot depending on how he plays in the next 8 games? absolutely. i’m not even sure we need to draft a QB this year seeing that this year’s QB class sucks and next year’s will rule. we could suffice with signing some washed up veteran as a back up. maybe. it all depends on t-square’s performance from here on out. also, when the nickname “t-square” takes off – you heard it here first.

2. larry johnson. haven’t missed him at all the last few weeks. is he a better rusher than charles and smith? you bet he is. but when you’ve got the opportunity to be an example for these new guys and you’re spitting alcohol at women instead? pitiful. charles ran for over 100 yards on sunday and kolby smith looked terrific before he got hurt, and for the first time this year i actually agree with the complaints and beliefs that the chiefs ought to just ship him elsewhere. maybe the cowboys would take him. not that they need him with barber back there, but they seem to have a distinct interest in players with off-the-field issues.

3. the brandons: carr, flowers, and (branden) albert. we’ve got two stellar corners in carr and flowers. the injuries to flowers and johnson in the second half is why we lost the game to tampa. they picked on flowers side the moment he went out and the chiefs couldn’t stop garcia and galloway. when we’re healthy and older we’re going to have one of the best secondaries in the nfl. you wait and see. flowers, carr, page, pollard. i think they’re all future pro-bowlers. and branden albert ruled this sunday. thigpen had plenty of time and albert is the main reason. he’s getting better and healthier every game, and it shows.

4. chan gailey. funny name, great play calling on sunday. it helps when you have the same quarterback for two consecutive games, but i was so excited to see the chiefs mixing it up on offense. wildcat formation? loved it. i was sprinting around my house declaring the play below as the “play of my life.” also, when we had the ball late in the game we didn’t go super conservative (instead tony g got called for a bogus offensive pass interference), but we didn’t just hand it to charles off-tackle 3 times and punt like last week. high five chan. your report card landed its first A this week.

5. mark bradley and devard darling: bradley for that unbelievable pass (see below) and darling for finally making a case for him as the #2 receiver after bowe. i had begun to think DD was a bust – don’t act like that isn’t hilarious. also some props to brad cottam for existing. i’m not certain that i’d even heard his name through week seven. the receivers were open for thigpen on sunday and that was encouraging. and how about bradley’s pass. wow. just please watch the video below and visualize me stomping around utilizing the double fist pump to it’s utmost potential.

play of my life:

ahh. i could watch it over and over. all in all – we’re making strides. after watching us play atlanta, tennessee and carolina i was certain that this “youth movement” was more of a “youth stagnant”. it’s good to see that i may stand corrected. there is hope in kansas city. maybe next year we can keep it up for 4 quarters instead of 1 1/2.

go chiefs.

2 thoughts on “>hope for the jefes.”

  1. >yes love it. i’m not so sure charles isn’t a better back than johnson in a lot of ways. johnson has never had what they call “vision.” i get so tired of watching him get the ball, take two steps, stop behind one of his one offense lineman and get tackled for a loss. oh and the whole role-model thing is a good point.i think point 3 is my favorite.

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