>love wins.

>it’s difficult to come up with something to blog about in the emotionally charged wake of last night’s election. it’s difficult to be happy while so many others are disappointed, and it is certainly hard to be publicly proud when so many are frustrated and pessimistic.

last night was history. it was the culmination of so many positive things in the united states and also marked the beginning of a new era in this nation. i’m proud to be an american today. regardless how you cast your vote (if you did) or whether you have hope or think we’re doomed – no one can deny an incredible step toward racial reconciliation in this country. maybe the largest step taken yet.

i was impressed with john mccain’s speech last night. he was classy and there is no doubt that he loves this country dearly. for the mccain supporters who have littered the internet with hateful disgust toward america and its new president-elect, you are acting in a way that would disgrace the man for whom you cast your vote. i pray that mccain supporters can emulate john’s love for this country and hope to avoid the failure they see so imminent. nothing good comes from hatred and fear.

i am confident that this country has taken a step in the right direction. now is our chance to continue pressing on in love for a better future for this country. i am hopeful and will continue to pray for our leaders, as well as the people they govern. i encourage you to do the same.


3 thoughts on “>love wins.”

  1. >I was also impressed with his speech. He gave about the best speech you could in a situation like his. Its sad his own followers booed stuff he said (Or maybe even him, I wasn’t sure). It makes you wonder what they liked about him then, if they can’t be a gracious loser when he is and echo his opinions.Interesting stuff.

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