>circus – britney spears.

>i’ve managed to acquire a little more than half of the new britney spears album, Circus, coming out in december.

i know that behind almost every popular artist there is a producer who does all the work and actually makes the music and understands it. it sure would be something if britney had done anything on this album besides sing in studio and pose for photos for the album sleeve.

so know this: when i say “britney’s new album rules” it ought to be comprehended as “the people who made a new album for britney spears rule and so does the album.”

if you haven’t heard the first single, womanizer, yet then you’ve probably either lived under or a rock or in rural Utah since mid-october. or you could simply not listen to the radio much. or you could live in manhattan, kansas, which is notorious for not having “popular” music until it’s already been over-played elsewhere in the continental united states. regardless, it’s been linked, so now you have no excuse. and since citizens of Salt Lake City rank 4th in frequenting my blog* this track ought to explode in the unreached sections of the nation over-night. as it should.

brit’s new album is aimed directly at the dance club. it is beat and synth heavy and britney dons a rather robotic voice – maybe it’s an attempt at sexiness, but it comes off sounding less-than-human. which is also how she comes across in her music video. in her attempt to make a comeback she decided that dancing naked in a steam room was the way to boost her image to the world. it’s unfortunate that it’s going to be a success story too. not that i’m not rooting for her success, but that the video is assisting in her recent rise. the video doesn’t support the idea of the track either. womanizer is britney finally using her discretion and realizing when males that are just looking for some action. so she responds with that video? i don’t understand.

other leaked tracks on the album that i’m a huge fan of: If U Seek Amy, Circus, and Mannequin. (downloads). i would talk more about each of these songs (womanizer too), but when given the choice between letting you listen to them and download them or trying to describe them myself – i’ll pick the easy way and just let you hear them. suddenly i’m really excited for Circus. it’s made my album release list just below 808’s and Heartbreak.

Circus comes out december 2nd. (this is also britney’s birthday. i didn’t have look this little factoid up, this was common knowledge for every male back in 2000 when she turned 18. back when i was in 9th grade.)


EDIT: Shattered Glass is great too. chorus sounds like Ace of Base. holler back ’93.

* – this is likely due a past blog on Mormonism and 18 past blogs regarding John Buck – both of which center themselves in Utah.

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