>happy thanksgiving back.*

>i’m sitting at muddy’s coffeehouse in brookside right now killing time while karlie finds out significant information from umkc about her future.

i’ve never been here before – but apart from spending an outrageous amount for a medium cup of black coffee ($2.25) i really have no complaints. it’s peaceful, there is seating outdoors, it’s a beautiful day, and this coffee is india monsooned malabar – so life could be worse.

india monsooned malabar: it’s from india (obviously) and it’s the biggest bean you’re likely ever to grind up. it comes from malabar’s rainy monsoon season (hence ‘monsooned’) so the beans are ultra large and ultra flavor-packed. just a little fun info for you there.

also i’m at home in kansas city for the next 5 days. so that’s nice.
also i have no homework or responsibilities for the next 5 days. so that’s nice too.
also johnny cash is playing on the radio out here. thats also nice.

so really, besides paying about 35 cents more than i expected to for this caffeinated beverage, i really have no complaints. these are really all things i should be thankful for with thanksgiving being tomorrow and all. i’ll going to list them now:

in order of appearance:
– karlie
– beautiful day
– india monsooned malabar
– rainy seasons in india
– home
– kansas city
– no homework/responsibilities
– johnny cash

what an unexpected way to land 8 things that i’m thankful for. i hope your thanksgiving break is as surprisingly wonderful as mine has been so far – i’m about 2 hours into my break and i’ve got a decent list going already.

enjoy your thanksgiving everyone.


* – You’ve Got Mail ref. add that to the list of things i’m thankful for. you can also add tom hanks, meg ryan, the internet, email, relationships and sushi to the list.

One thought on “>happy thanksgiving back.*”

  1. >okay i seldom leave comments on here after my move to tumblr, but because you quoted you’ve got mail (my all time favorite movie) i felt it would be wrong of me not to say thank you or show some sort of “props”.so, props. also, i go to muddy’s some mornings before class and have noticed both johnny cash and the price difference in coffee. its bittersweet.alright adam paul cooper happy thanksgiving back.julie

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