>prop 8: the musical.


everyone needs to watch this video. everyone. there is so much truth, humor, and genius found in this. best line in the whole thing:

“well then friend, it seems to me you pick and choose (we pick and choose!) – so please choose love instead of hate – besides, your nation was built on separation of church and staaaaaate!!”

amen jack. this video is good on so many levels. high five to jack black for speaking truth in a hilarious way. i’m so tired of the church dictating what people can and can’t do in a way that is so hurtful. do we condone gay marriage? no. but is there a distinction between Christ’s morals and the morals this government enforces? absolutely.

perhaps we should focus on loving individuals (read: homosexuals) for who they are rather than trying our hardest to restrict things we see as sinful. does that seem very loving to you? many gays don’t even believe it to be a sin. what if we outlawed ALL sins? should we outlaw alcohol? fine the use of swear words?

the church needs to remember that it is not up to the government to enforce God’s laws. and every time we try to make God’s laws and the laws of this nation the same thing there are thousands of hurt individuals left furious at the church and so much more unlikely to come to Christ. why can’t we realize that love is the answer and not hate?

what a rant. watch that video and enjoy it. i’ll leave you with this california church billboard:


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