>do what you love.

>i’ve been living with my friend nick for the last 3.5 years. nick is graduating in four days and leaving for kansas city. he’s going to be missed in manhattan – especially on elaine drive. he’s stepping into a job at Garmin where he gets to build and break and fix things. this is also what britney spears has done with her career.

last night nick was showing me his latest project: some sort of wacky voice distorter. he built the board and attached wires and knobs and switches and put it all inside a neat little cardboard casing and plugged it into his computer so that when he jiggles the knobs and flips the switches his voice is altered to sounding like some sort of robot/theramin/exhaust pipe.

as he was showing me this i first thought “freaking sweet. how on earth is anyone capable of doing this?” and then i thought “it’s awesome that he’ll be doing what makes him happy as a career” and then i thought “do i possess any skills that will translate to my life after college that are this impressive?” i decided that i don’t. at least not ones as impressive as his. however, i do really enjoy making fun of middle school girls’ obsession with the Twilight series.

my point is that it really excites me when i see individuals doing what they love and what God created them to do. whether that be mechanical engineering, elementary education, making music, accounting, hotel and restaurant management, youth ministry, professional bowling, painting or whatever – it’s really cool seeing people excelling and planning a life built around what they love. that’s how it ought to be.


7 thoughts on “>do what you love.”

  1. >Awww, thanks guys. I’m going to miss all of you a lot. You should all move to KC when you graduate.Adam (and everyone else), I’ll be praying that you love your job(s). I think that loving your work is very important. And don’t be too jealous of me. I’m sure there’ll always be days when I’ll hate my job.

  2. >Well, obviously I’m totally biased, but I couldn’t agree more. With both parts, actually: the “Nick is a really cool guy” part, and the “do what you love” part. The former I have always known; the latter point took me some years to figure out. I hope it takes less time for you and your friends.

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