>the resurrection of "the OC".

>it is freaking freezing in kansas.

granted most of you know this. 90% of my frequenters are from kansas, and the other 10% are mostly comprised of iowa, oklahoma, missouri and utah – the first three due to friends and family, the last one due to my recent interest in absurd religions. whether this is old news or not, the fact still remains that it is currently 4 degrees and 11 degrees in manhattan and kansas city respectively.

i hate cold weather. it makes me want to do nothing. like at all. which is most unfortunate considering the amount of school work i’ve had to generate in the last 2 weeks. but i’m almost done. after noon today – just two more exams to go. and then just one more semester to go and i will have graduated college. it will likely be around 75 degrees outside the day i graduate. how pleasant. i will not be avoiding the outdoors in may like i have been this december.

however, one perk to nasty cold weather: plenty of time to watch the best tv show to ever air: The OC.

don’t you dare knock it if you haven’t tried it. yes, i will concede, i have a history of hating on things i haven’t tried (i.e. tumblr, the twilight series, green beans, etc.), but this is different. okay. no. it’s not different. but i’m begging you – give it a shot.

reason #1 to love the OC: seth cohen. adam brody’s character is easily the funniest television character ever. terrific sarcasm coupled with a never-ending wit. he is the source of an endless supply of one-liners. he jokes at inappropriate times and makes light of situations far more serious than he lets on. and he has an unbelievable wardrobe*. also he has great hair…but i’m probably biased.

anyway. since a winter wonderland has manifested itself outside and has brought with it nearly sub-zero temperatures, i have been able to watch the first three discs of season 1 in the past 4 days. i’m productive while i do this (usually) – reading, studying, eating, cleaning, etc. there are few things i enjoy more than the never-ending emotional turmoil and excessive hoots of laughter spurred by seth cohen love triangles.

i have a history of converting people too. i think my OC conversion count is somewhere around 15 people. all haters turned obsessive lovers in the course of a few hours. never will a show capture me like this one. not even the office, lost, arrested development, project runway, heroes**, jonny quest, or any other show i’ve ever watched on a regular basis. the OC easily beats them all. i’m not even sure pat sajak and vanna white can trump this one. okay maybe them. but game shows are a totally different arena.

so thank you to the cold weather for resurrecting my love for the OC.


* – it may by unknown to many, but seth cohen is the source of my love for the puffer vest. (see espisode 1.12 “the secret”) and then kanye west and pharrell williams copped his style, confirming my love for all three individuals as well as their wardrobes.

** – for the record: heroes is the only one on that list that i did not enjoy.

5 thoughts on “>the resurrection of "the OC".”

  1. >i agree whole-heartily with all above mentioning of seth, vests, kanye, and of course pharrell (my first and forever lasting celebrity crush..) however…the heroes statement is something i just cannot stand for. i mean..it’s your own preference so whatever. we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one. just like abreevs.

  2. >dude. OC resurrection and i wasn’t invited! i’m crushed.no i had my own little OC resurrection this summer thanks to dvr and the soap channel. yeah, it was on soap.net or whatever it is called. it isn’t quite as good as i remembered it, but still–it’s the OC bitch. and you gotta love that.

  3. >i do have to say, i was a light hater of the OC, and even though i love adam brody, you helpd me find the light to what is the OC and the wittiness that comes with it.also, even though people call you cooper all the time, The OC was our first conversation and that is why i call you coop.

  4. >I have several completely unrelated comments:According to Google Analytics, my blog has at least one regular reader in Oxford, England. I have no earthly idea who it might be.Your reason #1 to watch the OC is also my reason #1, but my list of reasons is only one long.I agree, Heroes is boring.I’m sad that I have to leave after this semester, because the top items on my Christmas list are the first two seasons of 30 Rock on DVD, and I won’t be here to show them to you. I’m pretty sure 30 Rock would capture you, even if not as intensely as the OC.The Office also has an episode entitled “The Secret”, and coincidentally it is one of my all-time favorites.

  5. >okay low blow on the heroes comment.i feel like you did that just for me.also…you converted me for sure.so i know i’m one of those 15.that is way cool.

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