>okay. let’s do this.

>i haven’t updated in more than two weeks now. this is pitiful for two reasons:

1. a boatload of exciting things have happened in the last two weeks that i could easily write about on here.
2. i’m on break so technically i should have plenty of time to be writing on here.

i’ve been neglecting this lil guy. i’m sorry guys. really. i know at least one of you was near an anxiety attack due to my lack of updating.

things i’ve been up to since my last post (december 15):

christmas happened. i made pretty much all my gifts this year. i’ll probably try my best to do that every christmas from here on out. it makes the entire process of giving gifts way more exciting. when we were unwrapping gifts at my house i kept forgetting when it was my turn to open because i was so excited to get to the next gift i made.

i travelled to iowa and oklahoma to visit family. love you all.

i’ve spent bunches and bunches of time with my excessively hot girlfriend. negro leagues museum, liberty memorial, mccoys, fork and screen, cheesecake factory, target like 43 times, iowa, and you can add the konza to that list too – we leave for manhattan today.

i’ve lost near all interest in sports. unless there is a big xii bowl game on tv i have very little interest. the chiefs ended their season with an impressive loss agianst a measly bengals team. team i’m rooting for in the playoffs: miami. maybe the greatest thing that happened the entire nfl regular season: the broncos miss the playoffs. hilarious.

thats just a handful. expect more posts starting back up pretty soon. i plan on utilizing january 5 – january 15 to get some reading and thinking accomplished. i haven’t done much of either since finals week. semesters end and i shut off for a few weeks so i can recover mentally. but today – for the first time since dec 15 – i feel good about fielding information and formuating thoughts. so thats cool.

thats all i have to say about that. happy 2009 everyone.


3 thoughts on “>okay. let’s do this.”

  1. >Sounds like you've had lots of fun! We missed you in Nowata, but – just so you'll know how much we felt your presence – Bart & I purchased our own Bananagrams game this weekend! It's great!

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