>videography? well this is unexpected.

>i haven’t done video shooting and editing for about 4 years now.

you see, my best friend is dropping out of school so that he can pick up where he left off after high school and pursue a life of shooting, editing and producing wedding videos. i hadn’t really thought about doing anything remotely related to film in since freshman year of college when i went to k-state as a journalism and mass communication major, but when he told me this i became immediately jealous for two reasons:

1. i’ve always wanted to quit school.
2. i would love to pursue a career filming things again.

my first thought was “wow. that’d be cool if i could do that with him.” but the conversation ended and dissolved into a new age game of Clue. i didn’t think of of it at all yesterday, but this same friend and i were talking briefly about an hour ago and he said “hey you know how i’m going to start doing video stuff again? i was thinking that you could help me with it when you’re done in may.”

uh. yes.

so my trip up to the bvnw broadcast tech studio next week has now flipped drastically from a ‘lets visit high school teachers’ trip to a ‘i need to ask a million questions regarding my future’ trip.

i have absolutely no idea what this means or how serious this venture will be for my life. but i’m keeping it on my radar for the next 4 months while i finish up school. i still plan on going back to hillcrest and focusing my life on a future in youth ministry, but i haven’t considered a life of video editing for about 4 years now and it is exciting me so much. who knows. just an exciting potential development for me.


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